It's Nice To See You.

Through our #KenmarkGetsReal campaign, we have the opportunity to share amazing stories from real people all around the world.  You’ll be seeing new faces all year long as these diverse individuals share their stories of passion, creativity, and balancing life all while feeling effortlessly stylish in their #kenmarkeyewear.   

Meet The Influencers

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Meet Eric Jess

Professional nobody by trade and most likely found in a coffee shop, I like to create and share things around personal style and art and I’ll jump on just about any red-eye given the opportunity.

Meet Lisa Dengler

Inspired by the 1920s, Lisa loves the vintage glam of the Zac Posen collection and is inspired by the details that surround her at any given moment. 

Meet KJ Pinc

KJ is a creative dreamer finding inspiration while getting lost on the long and winding roads that cover the world. With a passion for photography, she documents the beautiful, raw details in all the scenery and culture that surround her in her travels, sharing these magical stories with the world.